Steel yourselves for the most intense, relentless, and ferocious event in the history of human motion: the 11th Annual HUBBABLE Parkour Jam in the unforgiving streets of Boston. This year, the stakes have soared to unprecedented heights, guaranteeing a training season kickoff that will leave you breathless, hardened, and ready to dominate.

On Friday, the infamous Hub Parkour Training Center will host a session featuring only the most battle-hardened parkour elites. Bear witness to these fearless athletes as they shatter the laws of physics and redefine the limits of human capability.

Saturday unleashes the full fury of the HUBBABLE Parkour Jam, as a brutal outdoor session beckons you to conquer the concrete wilderness of Boston. Test your mettle and defy gravity as you push yourself to the edge of human performance! As night falls, prepare for the onslaught of never-before-seen parkour videos from the darkest corners of the globe, revealing the most extreme and formidable talents the international parkour underworld has to offer.

On Sunday, steel your nerves for the ultimate trial by fire: a high-stakes competitive speed course set against the unforgiving backdrop of Boston's urban wasteland. This contest will separate the legends from the weak, as athletes fight tooth and nail for the coveted cash prize and the title of HUBBABLE Parkour Speed Champion.

The 11th Annual HUBBABLE Parkour Jam is a savage celebration of human endurance, a merciless test of the parkour community's willpower, and an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your training season to uncharted territory. Do you have the grit, determination, and skill to etch your name in the blood-stained annals of HUBBABLE history? Dare to step up and secure your place in the most brutal, unforgiving, and pulse-pounding parkour jam this world has ever witnessed!


Friday - Invited athlete jam @ HUBPTC

Saturday @ 11am - Pierce

Saturday Evening @ 7pm - Viewing Party

Sunday @ 12pm- josiah

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